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WTF? I dread to think how long it goes… but I daren’t watch for my sanity. 

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That is for the pair though? Right?

So looking online at building my new wardrobe and getting items together, and tits are like over £200 for a decent pair! I’ll make due with socks for now. Joke. What’s the point if I can’t look real. 

I’ve kinda spoken to my friends about it well a couple and seen what they think and they seem ok so can’t wait to buy my first pair of ladies shoes this weekend! It’ll be like buying my first ever boxers lol change from a boy to a man… except a man to a women :D 

Any name suggestions btw for my new ‘alter ego’ nothing to drag queeny though…

x x x

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are you real or fake

I’m very possibly the most real person you’ll meet :) x X x

Gimmie Shoes.

Where the fuck does a guy have to go to get a nice pair of heels in a size 10… that are actually stylish. suggestions welcome :) x X x

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thanks for following :)

you’re welcome. x X x

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Thanks following, I can't wait to read more stuff of your blog! Blog awayyy :)

XxX Yasmin :)

thanks very much. it should be exciting buying my 1st pair of lady shoes this weekend! x X x

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who are you?

I’m steve nice to meet you! x X x

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Hey [: Thanks for following me! I appreciate it.

you’re welcome :) x X x

Why is a fucking IQ page showing and not my fucking blog I’m pissed off at tumblr I cant get rid of it. I’m about ready to fucking leave. Advice please bitches :P x 

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Anything through which I can derive pleasure. Take that as you will ;) x